Stephen Reece, 1st Place Acrylic Painting, "Blue Jazz"
Shirlene Layman, Merit Award, "Charlotte the Charolais"
Norma Bozenmayer, 2nd Place 3D, "Fun-Guy with Birds"
Rick Craig, 1st Place Photography (Unaltered), "Busy Bumblebee"
Nick Spencer, Purchase Award, "Through the Rocks" (Photography). Purchased by Patrick Henry Community College, Stuart Site
Linda Park, 1st Place Drawing, "Pink Lady Slippers"
Kent Pendleton, 1st Place Watercolor, "Be Still . . . "
Jan Atkins, Best in Show, "From Earth to Earth" (2D Mixed Media)
Grace Helms, 3rd Place Watercolor, "Our Place"
David Adkins, Bull Mountain Artist Award, "Dying Light"
Charlotte Gardner, 3rd Place 3D, "Moe" (Fiber)
Debra Alcorn, 3rd Place Photography, "Frozen Bridal Veil"

42nd Annual JEB Stuart Art Show

Reynolds Homestead 42nd Annual JEB Stuart Art Show
September 7 – October 27, 2017

 A full house of artists, family, friends and community members came out to the Reynolds Homestead on Thursday, September 7 for the opening reception and awards ceremony of the 42nd Annual JEB Stuart Art Show.

The longest running art show in the area, JEB Stuart is open to adult artists from Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Carroll, Stokes and Surry counties. In addition, any Patrick County native, regardless of where he or she lives now, is also eligible, as are any members of the Bull Mountain Arts organization.

The Reynolds Homestead staff would like to thank the volunteers who put in many hours to help put the show together: Roseann Lintz, Norma Bozenmayer, Lorelei Maney, Janice Woods, Judy White, Janice and Kent Pendleton, Ruthie Harnsberger, Sue Bleckley, and Peggy Rogers.

The show will be on exhibition through October 27 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. People’s Choice voting will also continue through October 27, with the winner announced on November 1.

Winners of this year’s show:

  • Oil Painting
  • o             3rd Place:  Joyce Wray, Fieldale, VA – “Fieldale Under Snow”
    o             2nd Place:  Elizabeth Maxwell, Fieldale, VA – “Nature Beauty”
    o             1st Place:  Karen Sigmon, Bassett, VA – “Attitude in Pink”
  • Acrylic Painting
  • o             3rd Place:  Renwick Morrison, Martinsville, VA – “Life Is Full of Lemons”
  • o             2nd Place:  Andrea Morrison, Ararat, VA – “Flash”
  • o             1st Place:  Stephen Reese, Stuart, VA – “Blue Jazz”
  • Watercolor Painting
  • o             3rd Place:  Grace Helms, Stuart, VA – “Our Place”
  • o             2nd Place:  Greg Arens, Stuart, VA – “Two Horses”
  • o             1st Place:  Kent Pendleton, Meadows of Dan, VA – “Be Still . . .”
  • Drawing
  • o             3rd Place:  Gail Young, Martinsville, VA – “Villa Historia”
  • o             2nd Place:  Doris Draper, Bassett, VA – “My Best Dress”
  • o             1st Place:  Linda Park, Martinsville, VA – “Pink Lady Slippers”
  • 2D Mixed Media
  • o             3rd Place:  Ursula Allen, Stuart, VA – “Cosas de Horno: Things from the Oven”
  • o             2nd Place:  Deborah Culler, Ararat, VA – “Rainbow Forest”
  • o             1st Place:  Cindy Howe, Patrick Springs, VA – “Spirit of the Forest”
  • Photography
  • o             3rd Place:  Deborah Alcorn, Eden, NC – “Frozen Bridal Veil”
  • o             2nd Place:  Patricia Temples, Standardsville, VA – “After the Storm”
  • o             1st Place Unaltered:  Rick Craig, Patrick Springs, VA – “Busy Bumblebee”
  • o             1st Place Enhanced:  Jason Overby, Walnut Cove, NC – “Lynn”
  • Three Dimensional
  • o             3rd Place:  Charlotte Gardner, Stuart, VA – “Moe” (Fiber)
  • o             2nd Place:  Norma Bozenmayer, Stuart, VA – “Fun-Guy with Birds” (Mixed)
  • o             1st Place:  David Lunt, Stuart, VA – “Blue Crystal Magic” (Glass)
  • Merit Awards
  • o             Jarrod Gough, Mt. Airy, NC – “The Uncommon Strand” (Wood)
  • o             Shirlene Layman, Stuart, VA – “Charlotte the Charolais” (Oil)
  • o             James Childs, Bassett, VA – “Blue Heron” (Photography)
  • o             Sydney Wemmert, Euless, TX – “Old Hankus” (Pencil)
  • o             Rocky Wall, Axton, VA – “Tye River Sunset” (Photography)
  • Special Awards
  • o             Bull Mountain Artist Award:  David Adkins, Martinsville, VA, “Dying Light” (Oil)
  • o             Reynolds Homestead Award:  Cheryl Sterling, Patrick Springs, VA “Golden Shoes” (Oil)
  • o             Chamber of Commerce Award:  Norma Bozenmayer, Stuart, VA – “Fun-Guy with Birds” (3D)
  • Purchase Awards
  • o             Nick Spencer, Stuart, VA – “Through the Rocks” (Photography) by Patrick Henry Community College – Stuart Site
  • o             Darlene Swain, Rocky Mount, VA – “Sam’s Rooster” (Oil) by Reynolds Homestead
  • o             David Lunt, Stuart, VA – “Blue Crystal Magic” (Glass) by Martha Jones
  • o             Jan Atkins, Mt. Airy, NC – “From Earth to Earth” (2D Mixed) by Marcus and Sarah Brinks
  • o             Deborah Culler, Ararat, VA – “Rainbow Forest” (2D Mixed) by Marcus and Sarah Brinks
  • Best in Show
  • o             Jan Atkins, Mt. Airy, NC – “From Earth to Earth” (2D Mixed)