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College for Older Adults

General Information
If you need special accommodations to participate in COA, please e-mail Lisa Martin at We will make every effort to assist you as needed.

September 4—Registration Begins. We encourage you to register online or by mail. Please do not bring to the Reynolds Homestead. This is the link to registration.  There will be no closing of registration; you may register at any time during the session.

September 16—Classes Begin! (Hiking and Walking Only)  Other classes begin September 21 and last 4 weeks. Hiking and Walking last 6 weeks.
October 21—Last Day of Classes.
October 28—End of Term Zoom Celebration

Everyone is encouraged to register for classes on line this year. Please DO NOT send in payment at this time. Because many of you have class credits from canceled spring classes, you will be sent either a “PAID IN FULL” statement, or an invoice for any balance due. There is a mail-in registration form included, and if you know you do not have any credit due, you may send it in with payment. Click here to register online.  To receive a catalog, e-mail:

Because we are working within pandemic              restrictions, NO GUESTS will be allowed in classes or on hikes or walks this session. Only registered COA members may participate. This is for the safety of everyone involved.

Because we are dealing with a pandemic situation, classes may be canceled for many reasons. Please check e-mail daily to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information.

Face masks are required for all Reynolds Homestead events that are held in person. Please observe guidelines for social distancing at all times.