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Harbour Hardin Reynolds

Hardin Harbour "H.H." Reynolds

Hardin Harbour "H.H." Reynolds was born on June 8, 1854. In 1872, he was among the first students to enroll at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, now known as Virginia Tech. 

He was known for his entertaining wit, affectionate nature, and love of a drink.

In 1886 to 1880, he joined his father was a partner in H.W. Reynolds and Son, and later he worked for R.J. for a few years, until he was sent to Keeley Institute for rehab.

He then worked for A.D. in Bristol until establishing a business of his own in South Boston, which was later destroyed by fire.

He moved back to Rock Spring and married Annie Dobbins. They had two sons and two daughters, raising his family in the old brick home where he was born.

He died June 21, 1927.