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Critz Community Enhancement Project

Historic Property to be Restored for a Community Center
Envision Critz is partnering with Reynolds Homestead to restore this historic property into a community center across the road from Hardin Reynolds Memorial School.

What is the Critz Community Enhancement Project?

This project will provide a vision and strategic plan for the enhancement of the Critz, Virginia, community in Patrick County, including:

  • renovation design for a historic home to serve as a community center, located adjacent to the Hardin Reynolds Memorial School.
  • A land-use plan for the 12-acre plot around the proposed community center.

The plan will be based on a community programming needs assessment, including feedback from the community members of Critz, Virginia.

The renovation has potential to cultivate local artistic, entrepreneurship, and community development skills among families and community members through access to arts and cultural programs, classes, and events, as well as access to job training and workforce development resources.

Residents of Critz, Virginia and the surrounding area are invited to share ideas for the project

The proposed renovation - a community center - will aim to provide programming free or at low cost. Based on community input and identified needs, the center could potentially host:

  • Afterschool art, music, writing, dance, and theater programs
  • Educational and leadership workshops, classes, and events
  • Entrepreneurship training and professional development resources
  • Heritage arts and crafts workshops
  • Community gathering space for storytelling, open mic, poetry readings, live music, spoken word, book clubs, community dialogues, etc.
  • Artists-in-residence program and speaker series
  • Technology lab for graphic design, photography, video editing, etc.
  • Recording space for broadcasting and music production.

The 12-acre property could provide space for:

  • Community gardening where farmers could share their knowledge with students and other community members 
  • A Picnic Shelter for gatherings
  • A Playground providing activities for both children and adults
  • A Walking or Fitness Trail
  • Sculpture Walk

Hardin Reynolds Memorial School students would have access to this community center for curricula-aligned enrichment activities during and after school.  A carpooling network will be encouraged to help families in need of transportation assistance. The programming will also align with AirShift and other community-based capacity building initiatives to cultivate local projects and businesses.

The Critz Community Enhancement Project is funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission and coordinated by:

Critz area residents are invited to share their ideas:

1) Take the Survey

2) Follow Envision Critz on Facebook

3) Attend a Community Visioning Session

Sunday, January 30, 2022 & Saturday, February 5 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. @ Reynolds Homestead

Boxed lunch served at 1:00 p.m.

RSVP to Attend In-Person by Jan. 25th

Or call Reynolds Homestead at 276-694-7181.

Register to Attend Virtually via Zoom